Our services

We carry out on-going, medium and major repairs including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and control elements, as well as painting and corrosion protection works.



Below is an example of the scope of the upgrade works we perform:


  • Comprehensive cleaning of the machine,
  • Painting the machine,
  • Hot steam cleaning,
  • Touching up,
  • Replacing the plexiglass windows,
  • Replacing the sealing,
  • Cleaning the oil reservoir,
  • Replacing the filters,
  • Checking the hydraulics (function of the pump, valves, valve servos, oil pressure, pressure force, clamping force, ejector force),
  • Repairing or replacing the safety guards,
  • Cleaning the plasticising system,
  • Replacing the screw end when worn,
  • Checking the electrical equipment in the control cabinet,
  • Checking the electric connections,
  • Checking the control cabinet with a thermal imaging camera,
  • Checking the vibration isolators,
  • Checking the hydraulic accumulators,
  • Checking the dry cycle time,
  • Checking the plasticising system,
  • Checking the safety cut-out switch,
  • Checking the function of safety guards,
  • Replacing damaged components,
  • Checking the controller,
  • Checking the electric heaters.

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